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Talking about the three advantages of sensor news

In recent years, the Internet of Things has developed rapidly, and sensors, one of the Internet of Things infrastructure, have become more popular and extended to the journalism industry. The collision of sensors with news may bring about the rise of "sensor news." The so-called sensor news is a new news production mode based on sensor information collection and data processing technology. The word sensor news sounds mysterious, but in fact it has long since entered our lives. The weather forecast we contact every day is the report of sensors and remote sensing technology collected by meteorological satellites. Reports related to climate and the environment often rely on data provided by sensors. In the future, the types and application fields of sensors will be further enriched. Sensors will become connectors, and the data generated by various objects will be transmitted to the media, thus expanding the thinking and space of news production. The main advantages of sensor news are reflected in the following aspects:

One of the advantages: the sensor will expand the perception, open up a new dimension of information collection
No matter how powerful a person is, he can only observe certain sections of things, both temporal and spatial, and his observations are mainly in the field of human senses. The human eye can see the smog, but can not see the specific components of harmful substances in the smog. But the sensor can do this. Sensors are "extends of human organs". They can be used to detect and perceive human eyes, ears, etc., and sensors have significant advantages in terms of breadth, depth, and accuracy of perception compared to human capabilities.