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About Us
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Chongqing Shengyixin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sensor manufacturer engaged in the research, development, design, production, sales and service of various sensors. Professional to create high-quality high-tech products for customers. We have an experienced engineering team to systematically design the product. We have strict production management procedures and specifications. Always regard product quality as the foundation of the company. Provide customers with quality products and services.

Quality first, reputation is heavy
We focus on service production

Shengyixin sensors are strictly in accordance with standard procedures. Every detail is not neglected. From raw material purchase to product shipment, all processes are strictly monitored.
Inductive Sensor   Capacitive Sensor   Magnetic Sensor   Photoelectric Sensor
Shengyixin sensor does not contain fragile mechanical parts and is not affected by environmental factors. It is suitable for occasions with special requirements.
Inductive sensors detect metal objects and are insensitive to dust, light, and gases, so they can be used in most applications.
Capacitive sensors are suitable for detecting insulators, liquids, powders, particles, etc.
The magnetic sensor is used to detect the movement of ferromagnetic materials, for gear speed measurement, and to detect the position of the cylinder piston.
The photoelectric sensor uses light as the working medium and has a long moving distance. It can detect non-metallic objects and is used in some special occasions.